American Mah Jongg Jong Complete Set And One Extra Set Of Tiles!  Start 5.99 !!


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   This is a FINAL sale - ask questions PRIOR to bidding.  No international shipping.  Gold Glitter backed tiles with middle layer of lucite.Tiles are loose and out of cellophane.  8 jokers, 8 flowers, 8 seasons, 4 of all other symbols needed for American Mah Jongg. One tile has a bit of extra green on a flower tile.  No big deal, but you can use a season tile in its place.  See picture.  Four ruby red racks with minor hairline scratches.  Hard case with minor cosmetic imperfections.  Nothing that changes durability of case to protect tiles, etc.  In addition to this COMPLETE AMERICAN WESTERN MAH JONGG SET is a set of BONUS tiles.  Yellow buttercup tiles (out of cellophane).  These are hand engraved and this set is not as perfect as most sets should be.  MINOR imperfections and still beautiful and all symbols are obvious and easy to read.  Just small specks of paint missing in a few of the tiles of this set.  All of this for a starting bid of only 5.99 gives you extra fun to host extra tables.  Take to beach or lakehouse or have family fun before school starts.  NO INTERANTIONAL SHIPPING  EXTRA S&H SHIPPING TO HAWAII , ALASKA, USVIA